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ch ch ch chchaaaanges

There is no growth without pain. Change for the better always requires letting loose of a certain degree of status quo. You realize then that the pain of moving ahead … the trials, the frustrations, the disappointments, and the failures … are always better than the situation you once found yourself in and accepted. Change won’t begin until you seize the courage and mental discipline to immerse yourself in a certain amount of pain and disillusionment concerning where you are in the present.

(sourced the above quote from here)

There is no doubt my life has been in the midst of MAJOR changes.  Let me enumerate the ways…

I closed a business I had been passionately committed to.

I got married.

I changed the name I’ve grown rather attached to these last, ahem, 35 years.

I am making room for my first puppy ever, which we pick up in 2 days.

I am making my new working home base at my store Room Service, where I have had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I am virtually a stranger in my own store.  That i don’t even know my mail person’s name,  when knowing EVERYONE’s name was how I started my business.

I am launching an entirely new service-based business ” Weddings & Parties by Room Service”.

I mean, it’s a scary amount of change.  And even I, who has historically invited HUGE sweeping changes into my life just to challenge myself, is overwhelmed and even sometimes scared by it all.

I spoke with a friend the other day who herself was contemplating a HUGE change in her own life.  She was very scared about all the *potential* consequences of the decision and I told her that in my own history, NOT ONE SINGLE GIANT, SCARY, ANTICIPATED OR  UNANTICIPATED, LIFE -ALTERING, FINANCIALLY FRIGHTFUL change that I have EVER experienced has EVER left me anywhere but better off in the end.  FACT.

Yet, in the midst of change that is sometimes hard to remember or hard to imagine.  That is why that quote is a good one to keep around for times just like these.

I am so excited about the future and I know I’ll always be not just OK…but better than ever.




thanks for stopping by!

Over the years, as I have grown my brand to include multiple events, businesses and retail store locations, I’ve come up against the challenge of efficiently sharing these projects, events, etc. with you all.

Additionally, I am so proud of all of the exciting things my friends and other savvy entrepreneurs are creating that I have wished for another forum, other than FB & twitter, for sharing more about their news as well.  To that end, I have created this hub of sorts.

This site not only blurs the line between blog and website, in that, the main page is in fact a blog, which I mostly utilize as my own personal blog, where I can talk about anything from my cooking mishaps to my store or upcoming wedding; and from there it serves as a website for my brand(s). It also blurs the line between professional and personal content.  Business has always been personal to me and I’ve always been one to share that which I am excited about in my own life, so this site feels like the right solution for right now.

I will primarily use my PINTEREST account to share visual inspiration and this blog for other observations or updates.

This is a great site to put into your blog reader as I won’t be blogging daily, but you’ll get the update as they occur.
So, Throw this site into your blog reader or check back from time to time.  Until then, thanks again for stopping by!