the Made in the 216

I created Made in the 216 in 2008 when, as shopkeeper of my store Room Service, I discovered that there were a surprising number of local designers making things that I thought were right on par with some of the cool stuff I had been traveling to NYC to find for my shop.  As a veteran retail buyer, I realized that if even I didn’t know that there were so many cool things being made here then surely the public at large couldn’t know either.  I created the ‘Made’ event with the intention of merchandising the local goods in the same manner I do everything else in my shop and to create a compelling retail environment in which to really showcase this local design.

This year’s event was my a little different from the rest, wherein for the first time ever I engaged a local design firm on the scene to come up with a new fixturing solution for displaying the goods. The firm,  Maker, surely delivered!  They created a cobalt pipe system with collapsible and modular boxes, which I was able to configure in a way that really worked both in the space and for highlighting the goods.

Below are just a few of the amazing postcards that have been designed by area designers for these events.


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